Everything is better with a friend

2013-02-19 07.33.37

Everything is better with a friend and my cats make the best friends.  I love how they generally migrate to whichever room I’m in, just to hang out.  They don’t need to be entertained.  It just so happens that what I’m doing can be very entertaining, but that’s besides the point.  There isn’t a lot of drama and they don’t need to talk too much.  B will do the talking for you if you are willing to listen.  I regularly have to deal with hair pulling if I miss their expectations on the timing of breakfast, but that’s a small compromise that’s part of any good friendship.  Hank likes to see what I’m working on and often gives me input when he thinks the cursor is in the wrong place.  B doesn’t mind when I work either as long as the keyboard leaves some room on my lap for her.  Overall, good friends are hard to find, but I count myself lucky to have two of the best ones right here at home.

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