Anything for you, dear

2014-09-10 08.36.33

B’s preferred drink is water straight out of the faucet.  She always drinks on the left side of the faucet.  If anything is blocking that side, she isn’t sure how to get to the water.  I have to move whatever it is on the counter, otherwise she will pace back and forth in front of the sink trying to figure out how to turn her head the other direction.  Does that make her left handed or right handed?  If I don’t get up to turn on the water, she’ll lick the faucet, which is completely pathetic.  I have actually gotten up in the middle of the night to turn the water on for her.  To make it worse, I have had to wait to get back in bed because the Hank is eating his midnight snack and has taken my spot (see Your Food is My Food for an explanation).  Even though it’s inconvenient, I would do anything for these cats if it means they get to be a tiny bit happier.

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