Indoor / Outdoor Cat

2016-07-06 08.01.16

Hank is a very intelligent cat.  He loves finding new places around the house and loves to participate in household activities like opening packages and cooking.  Recently it became clear that the house was too small for him.  He started finding the closed doors and insisting they be opened.  We couldn’t bear the thought of him getting lost out in the great outdoors by himself, so we got him a harness.  So far, he doesn’t seem to mind it and even responds well to the soft tug or resistance in the line when he gets too close to the edge of the yard.  He knows that it means we are going the other way and adapts accordingly.  Usually, we run out of time before he’s even begun to get started.  Most likely, he’s still gnawing on the first of many grass bushes that he passes on the path to the sidewalk.  He takes his time outside since it’s all new and there’s so much to explore.  That’s when the question comes – when is the right time to let him stay out for short periods on his own?  He loves it outside so much, but we love him so much.  There are so many other indoor/outdoor cats in the neighborhood, so doesn’t that mean it’s relatively safe?  Where is the line between living your fullest life and potentially living a shorter life?  In his case, we don’t want to come close to finding out.