One of the dogs

2014-10-06 21.50.15

Hank’s first experience with dogs was pretty traumatic.  It wasn’t a good decision to agree to watch a friend’s dog within less than a week of adopting Hank.  I didn’t know him well enough to know that he’s a bit of a scaredy-cat in new situations.  I was especially worried since I co-parent two dogs and it is extremely important that everyone gets along.  Thankfully the next time dogs came to visit, Hank was a completely new cat.  He was in charge of his domain and didn’t concede the living room easily.  He kept pushing the boundaries, to the point where I had to push him aside at dinner time.  He would get a jump on the dogs and eat out of the bowl while it was still on the counter.  Henri would never let Hank anywhere near his food, but Hank still tries to find other ways to get the upper hand.  It’s a hilarious battle of wills, where the winner isn’t always pre-determined.