Meet Mo, the Bengal cat who’s been more places than you

2013-03-31 13.03.14 HDR

Since I mentioned Hank’s similarities to the Shiba Inu in my last post, I thought I would introduce you to a cat that is even more like a dog, my Dad’s cat, Mo.  Mo is a Bengal cat, a breed that’s meant to be big and a bit wild.  He’s been traveling on a leash since day 1 and, for the most part, seems to like exploring his new surroundings.  He isn’t always seem comfortable not being able to hide (that’s usually when he gets a shoulder ride), but he has gotten to see much more of the world (read: PNW) than most other domestic animals.  This cat has probably been on more beaches and job sites than me!  If he could, I’m sure my dad would have him on a kayak or in a backpack going up a mountain.  His name is in reference to a song.  I can’t remember which one exactly, but I believe it’s about wanting more (pronounced “mo”), more life, more everything.  It’s hard to differentiate Mo’s character from my dad’s, given that they are always together and are both eccentric, but I do know that these two are living life to the fullest and aren’t wasting a second.