Come here! I want to pet you.

2014-10-11 09.25.32-1

When I get home from work, I’m usually greeted by both cats.  It varies which one gets to me first.  Sometimes they are both waiting at the door, wondering when I’m getting home.  Other times, it takes them a few minutes to make it out of their respective sleeping caves.  They walk out slowly with squinty eyes and stretch as they make their way over.  I try not to go straight to the food, which I’m sure is what they really want.  Instead I spend a few minutes giving them attention and pets, which can be challenging when there is two of them and one of me.  B likes to get her back scratched while hunkering down on her cardboard scratchpad.  Otherwise, she’s always moving away from you, making her just out of reach.  Hank likes to stay in one spot and get two handed full body rubs.  I always worry that I’m neglecting one of them, especially B since she’s harder to pin down.  When they are both in range it’s a mental adjustment to pet one and scratch the other, unless maybe you are a drummer.   I am usually on the floor at this point, with both arms stretched out.  It only lasts a minute or two, at which point I give up and go get their dinner.