What the heck is that?

2014-10-28 19.34.46-1

Recently the babies and their moms came over.  B wasn’t phased one bit.  She walked around like there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Hank on the other hand noticed something was off immediately and went into slo-mo mode.  You could see that he wanted to check out the new visitors, but he was worried about what he would find and approached the baby carriers with full caution.  This is about as close as he got before he decided it wasn’t worth it and went to the bedroom until everyone was gone.  I don’t blame him.  Those young ones are highly unpredictable, even if they are slow moving.

Oh my, look how much you’ve grown!

2012-11-18 11.41.53

My two friends were over tonight, each with their new babies, born a few weeks apart.  They are still young enough that we talk about their ages in weeks rather than months or years.  Of course the talk is about how fast they are growing and changing.  The babies have started to smile and hold up their heads on their own.  One day the pajamas fit, the next they don’t.  It reminded me of how much Hank has changed since we got him.  He was tiny at first.  Initially, I thought he was older than he was – the shelter told me he was 5 months old – but he kept growing well past the time I had expected him to be full size.  I should have recognized the baby face and the crazy kitten biting phase sooner.  Even these past few months, Hank is filling out and B is slimming down (I hope!).  I usually think of the change from youth to adulthood as a single transition, but as I watch the gradual changes even recently I am reminded that the change is constant.  There is no age where you become the adult you will be for the rest of your life.  Your face is never fixed.  Your body is never static.   The record of time is physical.  Memories are not just in our head.