This Will Do

2014-10-18 12.05.06-1

I’ve mentioned before that B has a favorite sleeping spot deep in the closet.  She has a few other places she likes:  the chair, your lap when you are sitting on the couch, and the ottoman as a last resort.  Recently I left the laundry bin on the dresser, filled with clothes.  B loved it!  You’d find her in the laundry bin at all times of the day.  A few times she would even break her routine of sleeping on the bed, practically on my pillow, in favor of the basket.  I had to sacrifice the clothes for her comfort until I gave up and finally rewashed them.  Optimistically, I put this cave bed on the dresser right next to the (empty) bin in the hopes that she would use it.  She checked it out once or twice before ignoring it completely…until now!  I’m very excited that she’s found a new bed that doesn’t result in extra laundry or require me to forfeit half my wardrobe.

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