Curious (Hank) George

2014-10-12 09.20.28-1

Hank is a sucker for any open door.  He will climb into the closets, cabinets, showers, and go out on the walkway outside.  He would jump into the fridge if I left it open long enough.  He will squeeze in behind the pots and pans or jump onto the upper shelf in the pantry.  He doesn’t always fit and will have to maneuver behind the spices.  He is always looking for the next big find.  He walks around sniffing the corners for a lead.  He will paw the doors on the bathroom vanities trying to get them open (and sometimes he does).  He will go to the front door and put his two paws up on the door frame and scratch a little.  At the same time, he will look over at you with his pleading eyes and  give a little meow…and that is how he gets the keys to the universe, or at least access to anywhere in the house he wants to go.

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