Working on the Weekend

2014-09-13 12.38.16

If you are like me, sometime on Saturday you mention that you need to do some work this weekend.  I know myself well enough now to not even attempt working on Saturday.  I need at least the one day off to take a mental break from everything.  I can’t even wrap my head around opening the Excel files that soon.  But Sunday I plan to put in a solid day’s work, maybe even going to the office since that’s much more efficient.  Then Sunday comes around and I think I can fit in a few things in the morning before sitting down at the computer.  Before you know it, you are driving home from watching football at the bar at 1:30 in the afternoon.  That’s when I start doing math in my head.  If I get home and start working right away, I can get in 4-5 hours before dinner, which is still a decent amount of time.   As soon as I get home, I immediately take an hour and a half nap.  Like clockwork, I’m opening the computer around 3:30.  Thankfully, I’ve already done most of the work in my head and can bang it out in between the TV and cat distractions.  Depending on how much I have to do, the computer can stay open after dinner as well, making for a very enjoyable moving watching experience.  The one upside from this is that I really narrow down which work is important, and the rest waits until Monday.

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