Amazing patient, ok nurse

2014-09-11 07.22.43

My friends and I were just talking about what we are like when we get sick and, more importantly, what our significant others are like when they get sick.  It was a consensus, they are terrible patients and not very good nurses.  Hank has been such an amazing patient that you would never know he’s sick until you heard his breathing.  He has had a chronic upper respiratory issue for about a year and a half.  The doctors say there’s little I can do for him except give him lysine treats and time with a humidifier.  Some days are worse than others, but Hank doesn’t seem to notice.  He still runs for the toy like an athlete, but he isn’t able to go as long because he can’t get enough air.  I will spare you from the details on what happens when he sneezes.  It isn’t every time, but every once in a while the stuff that comes out is gag-inducing.  Seeing it once is enough to make you avert your eyes at soon as it starts lest you get the image burned in your brain.  He sometimes has wheezing attacks that sound like a panic attack and asthma combined.  As scary as it is, I’m so happy that he hasn’t gotten depressed and that his condition isn’t nearly as bad as what I’ve seen online.  I don’t think he realizes he’s sick, and that makes me want to help him get healthy so much more.

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