Happy Friday to You!

2013-06-22 08.00.09-1

Happy Friday!  It’s time to unwind from the week, get outside, and see friends.  Time goes by too fast to worry about the small stuff or spend the whole weekend doing chores.  Goya loved going outside.  She would spend all day on the deck or out in the yard watching for squirrels or birds.  While Henri was the boss inside the house (he only cares about food), Goya was the one taking the lead outside.  When we went for hikes, she was always out in front.  She had an incredible nose and when we would lose the trail during the winter due to snow, she would sniff out the way back, running back and forth between us and the next 100 feet of the path.  She recently lost her battle with melanoma after beating lymphoma a year earlier, but she made the most of every day all the way until the last one.

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