Run Hard, Play Hard

2014-09-08 19.49.32-1

Hank goes all out when he’s running after the string.  He takes his athletic training seriously but still makes sure to have fun at the same time.  He stops when he’s tired but not until then.  He isn’t thinking about pacing himself when he knows he has a long play session coming up.  Hank doesn’t dread his daily racing sessions where he sprints back and forth through the halls of the house.  He isn’t worried that by playing extra hard he’s shortening his overall playtime.  He’s making every minute count.   In fact, he doesn’t sleep the day away like most cats (read: B).  If it’s the weekend and there’s something to do, he’ll be up all day.  Ultimately, he’s chasing (literally) his passion and living in the moment, and that’s probably part of why his jumps are higher, his runs are more epic, and he’s having a little bit more fun than the rest of us.

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