Unfazed by what life puts on her

2013-06-02 13.40.26

Sometimes the weight of the world can be overwhelming.  It feels like the stuff keeps piling on and we can’t get out from under it.  Hopefully, we know most of the stuff put on us doesn’t mean shit and can ignore it.  B is particularly carefree.  She doesn’t like to be disturbed but she also doesn’t like to move.  I thought this was a pretty good number of things on top of her until I saw pictures online of cats with serious piles on them or buried entirely.  We could try for a bigger pile but I don’t think we are the type of family that makes an effort to keep up with the joneses.  That’s one more weight we don’t need.

*No cats were hurt in the making of this photo, and yes, that’s Henri in the background.

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