Relax, it’s nap time

2013-08-25 12.42.31            

One of B’s favorite things is to relax, and if you disturb her she will let you know.  She prefers peace and quiet and doesn’t like a lot of walking around while she’s resting.  She’s like your mother, always telling you to sit down if she thinks you are running around too much.  I think of her as always being lazy but it’s clear that she follows a routine.  Without fail, she will sleep next to me on the left side of the bed, leaning against my pillow. In the morning she will hangout for a while after getting breakfast and a drink of water from the faucet, but very soon after she will head to the deep recesses of the closet where I have two towels hidden on a shelf (one for each cat).  In the afternoon, she will switch to active resting mode and move to the living room, stretching out on the chair or even on top of the dining room table.  She manages to get through her day, all the while projecting an attitude of complete calm and leisure that we can only hope to achieve after the day’s activities are done.

 *P.S. What is your cat’s routine?

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