(Cat) Selfies

2013-09-26 20.53.35-1

Someone asked me for a current picture the other day.  I said sure, then whipped out my phone for what I assumed would be a quick find.  I soon realized that I had thousands of cat pictures but very few of me.  Actually, I had a few of my face from when I had been experimenting with the photo booth app – the one that stretches or otherwise distorts your image – but those were completely ruled out as options for sharing.  Thankfully, I had a few selfies, and what better way is there to get current pictures of yourself while still taking cat pictures?  It’s a little bit tricky since the cats are wondering why I’m getting so close to them.  Also, B loves to use the phone was a face scratcher.  But if you are quick (and take a bunch), you are sure to get a picture that makes you feel good about turning the camera around for once.

*P.S. Please share your cat or dog selfie pictures in the comments section!

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