Fantasy (Paw)ball

hank on the tv

Since it’s the official start of football season, Hank is wondering why the game isn’t on TV.  You see, he loves all sports, especially football and hockey.  He also likes golf, but the action is a bit slow for his taste.  If he had his pick, he would rather play than watch, but his teammates (read: family) aren’t nearly as dedicated.  He often has to settle for making up his own games.  He will drop a toy on the floor then pretend he doesn’t see it while casually walking past it.  When his back leg is positioned just right, he’ll “accidentally” kick it away while looking the other direction.  Then he’ll chase after the toy and start all over.  Sometimes, he drops the toy in a shoe or bats it under a piece of furniture.  Then he’ll take a few steps back to do the pre-pounce wiggle before attacking the toy again.  Having the game on TV is especially nice because there is usually something interesting to watch and it can be interactive.  “What about the scratches to the TV?”, you say?  I do cringe a little when he swipes his paw at the puck or tries to tackle the players, but if it means my little guy is entertained for a few minutes with no effort required on my part, then I say, “Isn’t that what a TV is for?”

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